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Our Idea Was Born

             Our idea of working in the field of moving and carrier services was born from a complete conviction of the further need for more development in this field and to improvise the prevailing practices, especially, in terms of safety and effectiveness. The idea of working in this field has emerged with an integrated team that believes in its mission and in an attempt to raise the level of provided service.

Our Services

       We are keen to provide our services on the principle of total quality, which makes our services, of a high level and meet the expectations of customers. Our keenness to innovate the new, brings us real opportunities to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and make us an establishment with a special nature. We provide a list of services given below with an assurance​ to perform each and every task smartly, skillfully and without any damage. The move can be done between any location be it a house, an apartments, a company or a warehouse.


Movement of all or some of the contents of the property from the starting point to the destination.

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Internal Move

Transfer of furniture within the property.

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Delivery of furniture and electrical appliances from stores to the property along with the professional installation, if necessary.

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A working hands only, without a truck, in case the customer provides a truck and needs someone to load or unload it.

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The provision of a truck with its driver to serve the client, in case the customer has hands to help him load and unload the truck.

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Professional packers on staff that can pack or unpack your kitchen or your entire home safely.

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Specialty Moving

Specialize in moving your larger and heavier specialty items including, but not limited to, pianos, hot tubs and safes safely.

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Secured warehouse to serve the client, in case the customer need space to store items and belongings.

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Cleaning service and Junk removal before or after your relocation.

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178 Kensington Dr

Thunder Bay, ON P7C 2A3


e-mail: [email protected]

(807) 707-2397

للغة العربية الرجاء الأتصال على

(807) 707-2379


Mon - Sun

10:00am - 9:00pm